Looking for a new DVD player?

Well the Philips DVP-642 should be it!!


The Philips DVP642 Progressive Scan DVD player for $50 and the usual free shipping. Not only is this a solid progressive scan player, but it can play files burned to CD and DVD+R in most major formats, including DivX (3/4/5), VCD, SVCD, ASF, and XviD. The only complaint most people seem to have is its inability to play subtitles from external SRT files, but unless you watch a lot of anime or foreign flicks without the subs burned it, you'll probably be able to live without it. Oh, and it can be region unlocked with the remote--no firmware hack needed.


The best player on the market to offer :


4   DivX and Xvid format playback at a price as cheap as under $60!

4   Playback of MP3s, and Picture CDs

4   Region free playback for DVDs that you may have bought from another region.

4   Excellent quality from start to finish.


This page will give you the lowdown on many of the useful features of the DVP-642 and how to use those features to their full potential as well as the best place to buy your player for the cheapest.


First off, letís give you a couple shots of the player in its box with the features listed on it!




The following is just a quick summary for all those visiting this page for the first time including how to install the newest firmware & region-free hack.


I'm from the USA (region 1 default)

My DVP-642/17 was manufactured in May of 2004 and had firmware version 0409 on it when it arrived at my doorstep.


Directions for applying Region Hack:

1. Open DVD Player tray (You can do this also by holding down the stop key on your remote for a couple seconds).


2. Type 7, 8, 9, OK, 0 (Zero for region free. Replace the 0 with the region number you want).


3. A 0 (zero) will appear on the bottom left corner of your screen.


4. You should now be ready to rock with other region encoded DVDs!


Full DVP-642 product details, firmware upgrades, and owners manual can be obtained at the following URL:

Click ME or right-click and copy shortcut to paste into your browser.


To verify what version of firmware you have do the following:


1.Open the tray.


2.On your remote punch in 5, 6, 9, OK


3.Your firmware version will be displayed on the screen.



The direct link to the most recent firmware upgrade (version 1109) is:



I've heard some less than great things about the new 1109 firmware version, and have hosted the 0531 version here: 0531 Firmware




You can purchase the DVP-642 for <$65. Click here for the lowest price via FROOGLE no tax and free shipping most of the time (unless you live in the same state as the site).


I have tested VCDs, SVCDs, DivX, Xvid, DVDs, DVDs and CDRs with both video and mixed media (mpeg, mp3, and pictures) on them successfully. The picture is crisp and clear and the sound is as good as it gets!!!

A little trick I found out was that by holding the STOP button for 2 seconds or so it will eject the tray.


If you have any questions or comments about this feel free to send me an IM or email.



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