Prices that won't Break the Bank!

Always AT LEAST 30% CHEAPER than those other "Geeks"

Dealing with computer problems? Why spend $500 or more to buy a new computer when it can be fixed for a fraction of the price?

I understand how hard it is to part with your hard earned dollars these days. That's why I will never "fix" something that isn't broken. I promise to always tell you what I can and cannot do to fix your computer problem. If it is one of those RARE cases where I cannot do anything you will only be charged 30 dollars for the time spent to diagnose the problem. Other small companies will charge you more, and some "Geeks" may charge up to $70 JUST TO LOOK AT IT!!

Allow me to install your home computer or network for you so that you can get right down to enjoying it as soon as possible! I can also do basic setup of home audio and video equipment so you can get that TV or stereo system up and running right away.

I bring over 10 years of professional experience to the table working on computers and various electronic devices. I can help you with anything hardware related (like installation of drives, montitors, and printers) to software (productivity, entertainment, security).

Services Offered

PC Diagnosis - $30.00

  • Troubleshoot 1 computer to determine cause of problems.
  • Provide Estimate for any suggested fixes/upgrades.

    Computer or Home Network Consultation - $30
  • I will work with you to design a computer or network for your home or office that suits your needs.

    New Computer Consultation - FREE
  • I will work with you to choose/build a computer that fits YOUR situation and budget.

    The below prices are general guidelines for the listed services. They can cost more or less than the listed values depending on the severity of the software/hardware problem. I can give you a quote within 25 dollars of the final price before any work is performed. But no matter what, I PROMISE that the price will always be AT LEAST 30% CHEAPER than those other "Geeks"
    iPod and MP3 player assistance - $40
  • I will show you how to setup and transfer songs to your Apple® iPod® or other brand MP3 player.
  • How to burn your songs to CD.
  • How to manage your playlists and music collection on your computer.

    Computer Setup (Home or Office)- $50.00
  • I will unpack and setup your new computer hooking it up to your existing home network (if applicable).
  • Configure the computer for access to your existing Internet connection.
  • Hook up and print test page to your printer.
  • Remove and recycle old computer and wipe hard drive according to DoD (Department of Defense) 5220-22 standards. (OPTIONAL)

    Data Transfer - $70.00
  • Transfer of your important files from one computer to another with the free option to burn to CD/DVD.
  • Destruction of data on old drive according to DoD 5220-22 standards to help protect you from identity theft.

    New Internet Service Provider setup - $50.00
  • Installation and setup of equipment for your new Internet connection
  • Configure Internet connection to work on your computer or network.
  • Install Internet provider software. (OPTIONAL)

    Home Network Setup- $70.00 (rates slightly higher for more than 3 computers)
  • Installation and setup of equipment to connect all the computers in your home or office.
  • Configure computers to share files, printers, and Internet connection (If Desired).
  • Can configure WiFi, Ethernet, or Powerline networking based on your needs.
  • Will secure networks to prevent unauthorized access.

    Installation and configuration of Hardware and Peripherals (common examples below) - $50
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Monitors
  • Memory
  • Network Cards / Modems
  • Graphics Cards
  • Sound Cards
  • Hard Drives (Will take longer if primary drive)
  • CD/DVD Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Fans
  • Mother Boards/Processors (Will take longer to install Motherboards and Processors)
  • Wireless Range Extender
  • Print Server

    I do Home Theater setups too!

    I will crawl around on the floor so you don't have to! Connection and configuration of Audio/Video equipment - $60
  • TVs
  • Receivers
  • Digital Converter boxes (Needed for the February, 2009 switch to all digital over-the-air broadcasts)
  • DVRs (TiVo, ReplayTV, etc)
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • Surround Sound systems
  • Speakers

    Don't see something listed here?

    If you need something installed or fixed that you don't see on the above list just ask and I'd be happy to let you know if it is something I can do, and give you a ballpark estimate of how much it would run.

    What you should know:

    A Cheaper Alternative: Pick-up/Drop-off service

    I can provide many computer repair services from my home faster than I can at your location. If you would prefer you can drop off the computer tower (with any necessary programs/discs) at my place, or if you prefer, I can come pick it up. This is a convenience I offer at no added cost for anyone living in Northwest Indiana (and the South suburbs of IL).

    Turnaround Time

    Most requests can be completed within 48 hours from the time I pick up the computer.


    I am available on nights and weekends to work on computers as I have a full-time job as an IT person at a law firm in Chicago which takes up my days.

    Remote Support

    Did you know Windows has a built in remote assistance feature? If you have a working Internet connection many basic problems can be resolved over the phone without even having to unhook a single cable or cord. I can diagnose many problems over the phone using this technology.

    If you have any questions about services offered, pricing, or available payment methods please contact me, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may

    My full contact information can be found on the Consulting Homepage

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